Dan Blaax


This man has been around, from the heady nights at Ministry of Sound (London), to the flashy VIP event scenes in Marbella, Scandinavia and the UK. Celebrities and royals alike, have been graced with his full-on sax performances, like nothing seen before.

Dan Blaax’s show-stopping performances have not gone unnoticed and has been picked up by Europe’s top promotions. The likes of Red Bull and MTV have added the Dan Blaax magic to their live events.

Away from live performing, Dan Blaax has also been used for commercials. T-Mobile have used Dan Blaax in a nationwide, televised advertising campaign, which became a national live tour.

With residencies at the world famous La Folie Douce, Cannes & Val D’Isere, plus an enviously large collection of Scandinavian private, corporate and nightclub clients; Dan Blaax is now regarded a one of the world’s premier saxophonists.


Check out Dan Blaax in action, performing at La Folie Douce—the famed clubbing hotspot situated in the heights of the French Alps.

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